10 Apps to Edit your Photos the Best and Instagramable on Smartphone
10 Apps to Edit your Photos the Best and Instagramable on Smartphone

10 Apps to Edit your Photos the Best and Instagramable on Smartphone


ekonomi.kosongin.com – Shooting from a smartphone or a professional camera still requires software to optimize the results of a perfect photo.

Because there are times when not all the catch of the camera produces shots that are good and according to the wishes.

There is often noise in the photo. For example, the results of the shots are not sharp or nge-blur, under dark light conditions (low light), the results are too dark, leaky, and so on. Though the photo may have a great moment and can’t be repeated.

Such concerns can be overcome with the presence of software or photo editing app that is not only based on personal computer (PC), but can also beinstalled on the smartphone.

Photo editing app this can improve focus or sharpness of the main subject of the photo, even turn ordinary photos into fabulous cool.

The user can add various effects, such as the effect of the aesthetic that has a tone of color present and certainly suitable uploaded on social media.

Here are 10 apps to edit your photos the best and Instagramable that the user can use a smartphone Android or iOS.

1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Lightroom is not much different with the photo-editing app via PC company-owned software developer (software) famous Adobe. How it works is almost the same with Adobe Photoshop.

Lightroom has a variety of interesting effects. In addition lightroom can correct photo to improve its quality, the results are sharper photos and produces no motion blur.

Interestingly, this application can remove the stain of acne on the face with the help of the adjustment brush and spot removal. The user can also change the background of a photo with the desired image.

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is an application produced by Nik Software, but now it is taken over by Google. Snapseed has a feature to edit the photos are diverse, such as setting the tone of the image, the technique of cropping the picture, brush, HDR, contrast settings, the effect of the vignette, until the setting is portrait or landscape.

At least snapseed has 29 effects and filters that can conjure up photos be artistic. In addition, snapseed also supports photo formats RAW, DNG, then the user can export it to JPG format.

The application which is released since December 2012 has the features of edits that can be instantly shared on social media like facebook and instagram.


VSCO has the advantage that it provides dozens of filters with the concept of analog film or vintage. The features offered are also interesting and more artistic.

Furthermore, the filter can still dikulik to set the adjustment to give the effect of vignette.

However, the features that are available in VSCO’t entirely free, to access the filter aesthetic other, users are required to upgrade VSCO Premium.

4. Photo Lab

Photo Lab has a variety of effects and filters that fun. Because the user can create a caricature of colored without the bother to edit it through apps from PC.

There are at least 900 effects, 36 filters and more than 30 frames that can be used. Then after you’re done editing, the user can save photo to gallery or share them to various social media.

Also, in the settings You can enable the live tile of the secondary, which display 9 to the last image are editable and can be used to launch the application.

Some of the effects such as collages for multiple photos, stylish photo filters, beautiful frames, realistic photomontages, creative artistic effects, and many other effects to make a user’s photos more interesting and artistic.

Although it can be enjoyed for free, but the Photo Lab is not ad-free, some pop-up ad appears frequently and is quite annoying. However, users can still eliminate it by purchasing the premium app that is provided.

5. PicsArt

PicsArt is a photo editing app, collage making and social media that can be enjoyed by users of smartphones type of Android or iOS.

In addition, the user can directly share the results of the edits through your Facebook or Instagram.

In addition, the application of which is established since November 2011 it has a very attractive design to allow users to edit a good photo with a filter or funny effects.

PicsArt is facilitated for free to the user, there are also features its own image that can be used to hone creativity.

6. Pixlr

Pixlr has touted the millions of combinations of effects and filters that can be used entirely for free.

Moreover, the supported features of Pixlr which also features auto-fix that can automatically adjust the color on the image or photo which makes it have the end result that is cool.

Pixlr also has a feature that a little bit complicated. This is because there are features making a sketch or a doodle that require basic skills in manufacturing.

Pixlr also features the making of a collage of photos with variety of layout options and backgrounds.

However, Pixlr is not ad-free. Some pop-up ads to appear frequently and quite disturbing. However, users can still eliminate it by buying the premium app provided.

7. Canva

Canva is one of the platforms graphic design that was trending in Indonesia. Because Canva provides various features for the users to make charts social media, presentation, poster, and visual content of the other.

Canva has a font and a background image that is diverse and very interesting. Existing applications since 2012 in Australia this make the user can create yourself to create an image that contains the quotes, and then upload it on social media.

Moreover, Canva is very loved student who want to display a presentation with style aesthetic.

8. Unfold

Unfold is designed for users of Instagram, which often upload moments in Snapgram, especially for users who have an interest in photo editing artsy or has a value of art.

Unfold offer a variety of templates that artistic with the availability of font artsy. The user starts this year can also edit your ordinary photos or video into GIF format or motion pictures short.

9. Prism

The prism be very interesting for the users after the first appearance in the 2016 ago. The concept which is able to turn ordinary photo into a caricature that detail makes a Prism has a lot of fans.

Prism as it comes wrapped in a different art of photo editing apps other. Some artistic effects are also available that further add value artsy on the photo users.

10. PicSay

PicSay is designed to give funny effects such as making a doodle to photo with the conversation like a comic. Users can also replace the background image into something more interesting.

In addition, PicSay have two types of version use, namely the free and pro version. Not only that, PicSay also comes with the feature of remove red eye usually due to photo shots with the flash technique.

After knowing the key to the success of edit photo using the app, you can start to be creative as you wish to generate the results of the photo are cool and surely can be uploaded on social media Instagram. Good luck!

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